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Instrumentation Industries, Inc.



Instrumentation Industries, Inc. is an ISO 13485:2016 Certified Medical Manufacturer specializing in quality respiratory, anesthesia, emergency and critical care medical components


Our product line includes many difficult to find items such as: Connectors, Adapters, Tees, Airways, Exhalation Valves, Gauges (Vacuum/Pressure & N.I.F.), Manual Jet Ventilators, Endotracheal Tube Changers, M.D.I. Adapters, and many more...


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RTC 26-C
RTC 25-C
Check out our other Inline Access products!
MDI AdaptersBronchoscope SwivelsPressure Adapters


Some of Our Best Selling Products
RTC 24-V RTC 22-D BE 105

RTC 24-V
Adult Universal
Inline MDI Adapter

Easy 22 or 15 mm I.D. Inlet access for aerosolized medication. Accepts either New Generation MDI Canisters with a Dose Counter or Standard MDI Canisters. Designed & Manufactured in the USA!
Single Patient Reuse

RTC 22-D
Adult Inline MDI Adapter

Easy 22mm I.D. Inlet access for aerosolized medication. Designed & Manufactured in the USA!
Single Patient Use
BE 105 Series
Bronchoscope Swivels

Easy inline access for Bronchoscopes or Suctioning Catheters.
Designed & manufactured in the USA!

SH 74 Series RTC 15-D BE 215-2A
SH 74 Series
"Christmas Tree" Connectors
Precision engineered to greatly help in delivering prescribed gas flow from flowmeters
Single Patient Use
RTC 15-D
Adult Inline MDI Adapter

Easy 15mm I.D. Inlet access for aerosolized medication. Designed & Manufactured in the USA!
Single Patient Use
BE 215-2A
Exhalation Valve Replacement Diaphragm Assembly

Exhalation Valve Replacement Part. Fits all "iii" Exhalation Valves. Designed & Manufactured in the USA!
BE 183-SUR ACU 1060.1 BE 409
BE 183-SUR
Manual Jet Ventilator w/Regulator

Emergency ventilation, when time matters! Lightweight, portable and durable. A necessity for emergency rooms, crash carts and ambulances. Includes: Regulator Gauge and On/Off Valve
ACU 1060.1
Transtracheal Catheter (Adult)

Includes Syringe to help determine correct needle placement in the trachea by air aspiration. Sterilized, ready for use
Single Patient Use
BE 409
Pilot Tube Repair Kit

Repair, not replace! For use with endotracheal and tracheostomy tubes. Essential for ICU and emergency departments. Saves time and adds patient comfort. Includes Pilot Tube Repair Device and 10 cc/mL Syringe. Designed & Manufactured in the USA!
Single Patient Use
BE 120-22D BE 3000 Series BE 125-1TD
BE 120-22D
Mouth Piece Adapter

Adds versatility to ventilator and aerosol circuits. Designed & Manufactured in the USA!
Single Patient Use
BE 3000 Series
O2 Instant Flow Valves

Save Oxygen & Money by allowing a constant flow of oxygen to resuscitation bags without wasting any!

BE 125-1TD
Tee Adapter

Adds versalitity to patient circuits!
22mm O.D. x 22mm I.D. x 15mm I.D.
Single Patient Use


We welcome OEM orders and fulfill them through our in-house ISO 13485:2016 factory

If you have an idea for a respiratory care, other medical or non-medical product, we can manufacture it!

For complete information, please visit our OEM division website at:

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Instrumentation Industries, Inc.
is an ISO 13485:2016 certified company.

Industries, Inc.
2990 Industrial Blvd.
Bethel Park. PA 15102

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